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Home Wind up radios
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Wind up radios

Eco Friendly wind up radios

Why do I need a wind up radio?

You may think that in these days of plentiful plug sockets that the clever clockwork mechanisms of old are now obsolete, belonging in museums. But you’d be wrong.

Whether you are an occasional camper frustrated by the inconvenient demise of batteries, a driver prepared for a breakdown, or just someone who gets easily bored in a power cut – a wind up radio could be right up your street.


These days, wind up radios are much more than boredom busters allowing you to listen to some music as you go about your activities. Many have multiple features, such as torches, emergency sirens and even phone chargers!

Self-powered radios can even replace standard, battery operated radios and are ideal in situations where the radio is used infrequently and the chance of the batteries being flat is high.

How does it work?

Traditional clockwork mechanisms have been replaced by hand cranks which when turned charge an internal battery using a dynamo. Usually you would get over 10 times operation time compared with cranking time, so 2 minutes of winding would result in over 20 minutes of radio.

With most wind up radios you can continue to listen to the radio, and operate other functions while you wind.

Eton Microlink FR160

Which is the wind up radio for me?

If you are looking for an emergency radio to keep in the car or under the stairs, then you may only require the standard radio and torch combo.

For car use you may also want to consider one which can be charged through the cigarette lighter, and perhaps one which can also charge your mobile phone.

If you are an outdoor activities, camping enthusiast then why not get yourself a wind up radio that is also solar powered, to save you some valuable winding time? You may also want to consider one which you can charge on the mains at home before your trip, or one you can charge in a car as you travel.

Depending on where your outdoor adventures take you, a wind up torch with an emergency beacon and siren may also be necessary.

If you plan on meeting up with other people on your travels a mobile phone charger could prove invaluable, and is extremely useful should you need to make an emergency call.

Other things to consider are:

  • Size (for camping or hiking, a smaller device may be preferable)
  • Durability (you may want a more rugged, robust radio if you are going to be climbing mountains than if your wind up radio is just going to sit in the glove box)
  • Is it waterproof? (if the radio is going to be mainly used outdoors then you might want to protect it from the elements)
  • Review our shop, we have sourced the best wind up radios for you!

If you like the idea of eco-friendly wind up radios, then you might also like the remote control socket set.

Go on... be eco friendly!

Purchase your eco friendly wind up radios UK here!

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